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Gummy smile makeover

In the ideal smile, the upper lip sits just above the top of the teeth. A"gummy smile," however, exposes a larger than average amount of gum tissue when smiling and has a noticeably disproportionate gum to tooth ratio.

For people with Gummy smile the appearance of highly visible gums may cause them to avoid smiling or to cover their smile. Men and women have a better option when they choose gummy smile correction from Dr. Egremy, Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry and Dr. Murillo, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in Hospident Cancun, Mexico.

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There are several possible causes of gummy smiles, including:
- An excessive display of gum tissue in your upper jaw can result from the abnormal eruption of the teeth. Teeth covered by excessive gum tissue appear short, even though they may actually be the proper length.

- The muscle that controls the movement of your upper lip could be hyperactive, causing your upper lip to rise up higher than normal. When this occurs, more of your gum tissue is exposed when you smile.

- The manner in which your upper jaw bone grew and developed could cause the appearance of a gummy smile. For instance, if there was an excessive bulging protrusion of the upper jaw within the gum tissue, you would experience an obvious gummy appearance when you smile.

- The optimal smile line appearance should reveal the least amount of gum tissue possible. Gum tissue visible in the smile line should have balanced, even contours that are in harmony with the upper lip. It is for this reason that many people with a gummy smile or excessive gingival display feel their smile to be unattractive, oftentimes feeling reluctant to smile at all.


Gingivectomy (Gingival Plastic Surgery)

Surgical Lip Repositioning (Lip Lowering surgery) can usually be performed using only local anesthesia. First, Dr. Murillo will make a set of careful incisions in the existing tissue that connects your lip to your gums.

These incisions are made entirely inside in the gum and your upper lip. Then, he uses a technique that limits the vertical movement of the upper lip, which will keep the lip closer to your teeth when you smile.You can start enjoying attractive gums and smiling with total confidence when you choose gummy smile correction surgery.

Orthodontics (Braces) to move the teeth into more suitable positions

Maxillofacial surgery to reposition the bone ( Orthognatic Surgery). This procedure often requires breaking the upper jaw and removing pieces of bone. Not everyone is willing to go through with this treatment because of the complexity of the surgery, hospitalization, and inherent risk and complications. Also, this procedure usually requires the jaw to be wired and stabilized for an extended period, but when is indicated the final results are excellent.

Another treatment exists, but is only usefull for a short period of time, when Botox is injected into the muscle responsible for lifting the lip into a smile. The nerve impulses that tell the lip to lift are weakened, and results in less gum showing.

As a result, gummy smile sufferers see more of their teeth when they smile and less of their gums. The American Academy of Periodontology states that the benefits of crown lengthening procedures include increased comfort and confidence when smiling, eating and speaking, as well as improved periodontal (gum tissue) healt.

Gummy Smile treatment

Correcting a gummy smile can be accomplished by one of two possible simple surgical procedures. The first procedure is called a Gingivectomy (Gingival Plastic Surgery). Gingivectomies are performed when the amount of gum reduction necessary is minimal such as in mild gummy smiles. During a Gingivectomy, a minimal amount of gum tissue is removed with a dental laser or by a technique known as Electrosurgery. The procedure is painless, requires no sutures, and the gum tissues usually heals within two weeks.

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As an initial step, it is extremely helpful if you send us a copy of your dental chart, photos of your smile and panoramic x-rays. For the extensive cases, is wonderful if you can send us, the study model of your mouth to create the diagnostic waxed model that we will use for temporary restorations. After that, we can send those pictures and you can visualize your new smile in their models even before beginning any permanent dental procedure in your mouth.
When you arrive to Hospident Cancun, we can try in a Smile to go to see how is look and wear the mock up of your new smile before beginning any permanent dental procedure.

Be certain that the new smile you're getting truly fits you and that it will last for a long time. Inquire about this revolutionary custom design process where you will see computer simulation and wear a mock-up of your new smile design.

Teeth can tell your age, that is only if you let them. A cosmetic smile makeover can subtract years from your appearance.
This smile makeover involves non-surgical modifications, where the smile is broadened, teeth are whitened, and the lips are made to appear fuller.
We design our treatment plans around each individuals needs, and no two smile makeovers are the same.
This commitment to personalised treatment allows us to deliver superb results.