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Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed if they don't hurt?

Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed if they don't hurt?

Your oral surgeon may have suggested that you get your wisdom teeth extracted even if you are not experiencing pain because retaining your wisdom teeth can be problematic, creating several painful oral health issues.

Why are wisdom teeth so often problematic?
Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, can be very problematic. Here's how:

Wisdom teeth often come in years after other adult teeth, trying to fit into the little room available behind your already-established adult teeth. However, without adequate room, wisdom teeth can easily become impacted or trapped under the gums with only a portion of a tooth’s crown erupting through the gums. Often these teeth can be difficult to keep clean and bacteria and/or debris from food can then end up beneath the gums where the partial tooth is exposed. This is an especially dangerous situation because it can infect the gums, leading to serious tooth decay and abscesses.


Other threats to oral health created by wisdom teeth are the orthodontic issues they pose such as misalignment. This happens when wisdom teeth begin to emerge and they shift existing permanent teeth out of alignment. Patients who previously had straight teeth may see overlapping and crowding due to pressure from their wisdom teeth.


Keeping your wisdom teeth can also affect your overall quality of life. Serious oral health conditions like periodontal disease or abscesses can produce extremely uncomfortable symptoms and cause other health issues, including intense facial pain and frequent headaches.

Can I keep my wisdom teeth if they come in and don't seem to be causing any problems?

If you have adequate space in your mouth to accommodate the eruption of your wisdom teeth and you can keep them clean with meticulous brushing and flossing, then absolutely. However, over the years we quite often see that it proves to be difficult to get way back in the mouth to keep wisdom teeth clean and they are extracted because of cavities (and associated pain).

When should my wisdom teeth be extracted?

Keeping wisdom teeth can lead to numerous issues, such as dental caries, malocclusions (misaligned bites), and periodontal disease. Since wisdom teeth contribute to several detrimental and painful oral health conditions, oral surgeons often recommend extraction as a precautionary measure.

Deciding the best time for your wisdom teeth extraction is something that should be discussed with your oral surgeon after an examination. Call Dr. Gabriel Murillo, MB/MBBS Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon at Hospident Cancun Dental Makeover to schedule an appointment to figure out the best timing for your wisdom teeth procedure.

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